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Sichuan Yuanjiuzhihui Electronic Commerce Inc. is engaged in auto & boat parts retail and auto & boat parts wholesale. Engine parts, clutches, gearboxes, frames, suspensions, front axles, rear axles, wheels, steering, brake electronic parts, cab parts, petroleum products, filter elements, air filters, exhaust gas purification after treatment. After development, it has become a company that provides a complete set of high-quality auto parts products and professional solutions for the automotive after-sales maintenance market, and is a trusted supplier in the automotive after-sales market. Provide professional system solutions and become a reliable high-quality system integration supplier in the automotive aftermarket.


We are continually in pursuit of perfection. We know that our performance is measured through the eyes of our customers, and endeavor to exceed their every expectation. We remain dedicated to developing our proprietary brands while continuing to engage in mutually beneficial long-term joint venture cooperation with solid and respected global industry leaders where engineering, manufacturing, and marketing synergies are recognized.